Plumbing pipes are underground and can be tricky to locate, so it’s easy to have a leak that you don’t know about! Pipes that are leaking can waste up to 200 gallons of water every day. That’s $500-$1,000 each month! The quicker you fix the problem, the more money you’ll save on water bills over time! 

You notice Rust around the Sink

This can be a sign that you have a leaky faucet or drain. Make sure to check these spots regularly, and then contact an expert if you need to get them fixed. You hear funny noises: If you hear gurgling sounds coming from under your sink, it could mean that there’s some sort of blockage or broken pipe underneath. Both can lead to water damage over time, so it’s important to get them taken care of as soon as possible.  

You hear strange sounds coming from drain

When you hear strange sounds coming from under your sink, it could be that a leak is occurring somewhere inside one of your home’s plumbing pipes. A hissing sound often indicates a leak, so be sure to investigate if you hear such strange noises. The only way to fix these problems is by calling an expert plumber as soon as possible.  

Increase in Water Bills

If you’re only paying $30 for water but suddenly see an extra $15 fee, that could be a sign that you have a leak. Water leaks are costly and wasteful—but more importantly, they can cause damage to your home if left unchecked. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to figure out if you have one.  

Faucets are Dripping

Faucets can lead to major water-wasting problems if they’re dripping. Fix them as soon as you hear them so they don’t turn into huge, expensive leaks. You can check for leaks by placing food coloring or dye tablets inside a suspect faucet; if color appears elsewhere in your home, then there’s likely a leak somewhere.

You may also want to consider replacing worn-out washers and O-rings with new ones to ensure that no leaks start up due to damaged parts. A plumber will usually install an anti-siphon device on new faucets, which limits how much water can flow out of them at any given time.

Seeping Water 

Plumbing leaks are usually caused by corrosion, which is why they often start with small water stains on walls and floors. If you have stains appearing out of nowhere and don’t know where they’re coming from, it might be time to check your pipes for cracks.

The Hot Water Faucet is slow to drain 

If your hot water faucet takes longer than usual to drain, it might be an indicator that you have leaks in your plumbing system. In addition to taking too long, you may also notice a gurgling sound. Fixing these issues is relatively easy and inexpensive. There are two main reasons for slow-draining faucets: tree roots or leaky pipes. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs of a plumbing leak in your home or office, give the professional plumbers at Bulldog Rooter a call right away to not only diagnose the issue, but repair and resolve any leaks that may be occurring!