There are many reasons why you should invest in new plumbing fixtures, particularly if your current ones are old and outdated. Here are just 5 great reasons to upgrade your plumbing fixtures today!

1) Save Money and Energy

Plumbing fixtures use a lot of energy, and that can add up to a hefty monthly bill. Upgrading your plumbing fixtures to be more energy efficient means you can spend less on heating, cooling, and water treatment in general. If you’re looking for ways to save money on utility bills, look into upgrading your plumbing fixtures.

In fact, it’s easy enough; some cities have rebate programs or low-interest loans available to help homeowners make big changes—like updating their plumbing—in small steps.

2) Increase Your Home’s Value

Over time, high-quality fixtures are an investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, upgrading just 10% of your home’s bathroom fixtures could add as much as $20,000 to your home’s value. That makes every dollar you spend on new fixtures worth it—even if they do seem like a lot at first. However, there is one thing you should absolutely invest in: a water-saving fixture with a low flow rate (most faucets fall into this category). Over time these faucets will save money and resources for both you and your community! 

3) Save Time & Water

Replacing older or worn-out plumbing fixtures with newer, more efficient ones can save you time and water. For example, installing a high-efficiency toilet can reduce your water consumption by as much as six gallons of water per flush. This adds up to over 1,000 gallons in one year alone! By upgrading your fixtures, you’ll not only help conserve a precious natural resource (water), but also improve your home’s energy efficiency—and that’s definitely worth doing.

4) Enjoy Comfort and Safety

Outdated plumbing fixtures may be uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. If you’re experiencing issues such as noise, high water pressure, or low water pressure, it may be time to upgrade your fixtures. Outdated bathroom drains can cause problems with clogs, which in turn can lead to nasty toilet overflows that spread through entire rooms.

Additionally, outdated kitchen sinks and faucets may leak. Leaks waste a lot of water over time (which means more money spent on utilities) and create a mess whenever they burst—not to mention they are just plain irritating! Upgrading plumbing fixtures is often one of the best home renovations that you can make because upgrades have an immediate impact on your comfort level and safety when using these appliances every day.

5) Go Green

Newer fixtures are more environmentally friendly, use less water and electricity, and last longer than older ones. The EPA suggests upgrading your plumbing fixtures at least every other year to reduce water usage in your home. And, according to Water Conservation Alliance of Southern California (WCA), leaking faucets use up to 200 gallons of water per month, while shower heads lose as much as 150 gallons a month through evaporation. A leaky faucet wastes two liters of water per minute, which is equivalent to 17.6 bathtubs full of water per year! Because newer fixtures use less energy to heat hot water and operate, they have lower operating costs overall when compared with older models that constantly need repair or replacement.