Some appliances are made to last for years, but others don’t make it past the warranty period before they become unusable or stop working. This can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient, especially if the appliance in question is something you use often or rely on to complete your everyday tasks, like your washing machine or refrigerator. Fortunately, there are certain causes of appliance failure that you can prevent to help your appliances last longer and run more smoothly. 

1. Not Taking Care of Your Appliances

Your appliances are one of your biggest investments, so you’ll want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. But many people forget that taking care of their home appliances can be just as important as taking care of other big-ticket items like a car or a house. Most appliance problems are preventable and almost always avoidable if you take proper care. You’ll get more use out of your appliances if you remember to do these simple things.  

2. Overloading

Your appliances were built to operate at a certain level of performance, and when they’re asked to perform beyond that level (by being overloaded), they tend to breakdown. Don’t keep more than one appliance running on a circuit; don’t overload extension cords, either. Overloading leads to unnecessary wear and tear on your appliances, which can lead to higher failure rates.  

3. Faulty Installation

Many people don’t realize that appliances need to be installed properly in order to function optimally. Appliances also require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Without proper installation and maintenance, your appliances will wear out more quickly than they should and may cause other issues in your home. Faulty installation is one of a few things that can really shorten an appliance’s lifespan.  

4. Bad Design

The appliance’s design is bad and doesn’t allow for proper function. For example, if an appliance has parts that are made cheaply or poorly, then it will break down more often than appliances that are built to last. Furthermore, simple human error can also be a problem. Sometimes people just don’t maintain their appliances well enough and problems arise from neglect. It might seem like maintenance is boring but taking care of your stuff on a regular basis can help prevent issues from happening in the first place.   

5. Lack of Maintenance

As your appliances break down, you will most likely blame yourself for not taking better care of them. After all, if you had maintained them more regularly, they would have lasted longer. However, you need to remember that no matter how well you maintain your appliances and electronics, they will still break down eventually. With frequent use over a period of time coupled with wear and tear, it is only natural that certain components will begin to malfunction over time.  

6. Dirty Filters and Coils

A dirty air filter is one of the most common causes of appliance failure. When a filter is clogged with dust, it can restrict airflow through your unit and lead to other problems like compressor burnout and motor failures.  

7. Improper Cleaning

Another main cause of appliance failure is improper cleaning. There are a lot of parts that can go wrong inside your appliances if they’re not cleaned regularly, and none of them are covered by warranty. So when your microwave or fridge stops working, it’s usually because you forgot to clean it or didn’t do it properly last time. Make sure you scrub out every nook and cranny before you turn on any switch! That includes behind buttons and everywhere in between.  


When it comes to your household appliances, everything has its time limit. No matter how much you take care of them, their time will come one day and they will stop working altogether. While nobody really wants that to happen, it’s still better to be prepared than caught by surprise. Before any breakdown occurs, make sure you know what kind of problems can actually cause an appliance to fail and which parts are most vulnerable.