Here are some of the most common mobile home plumbing problems to look out for so you can avoid them or deal with them before they get worse. 

Hot Water Issues

If you’re living in a mobile home, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your hot water. Hot water systems are small and compact, which can often cause them to malfunction. More so, they require regular maintenance, which isn’t always easy if you don’t know what you’re doing (and sometimes even if you do). 

Grease Build

Grease buildup in a drain is another most common problems you’ll face if you own a mobile home. Mobile homes tend to age fast, and their pipes can get clogged just as quickly.

Burst Pipes

Mobile homes are typically connected to water and sewer systems. And, like other homes, a problem with either line can cause a leak that causes damage inside your home. But there’s an extra issue with mobile homes: their pipes aren’t buried in concrete. So when something goes wrong with a mobile home plumbing system, it can lead to damage elsewhere within your trailer—or worse, outside of it. The most common mobile home plumbing issues are related to waste lines. They’re often made of PVC and easily damaged by improper installation or impact damage from outside forces (like falling trees). These problems don’t just present themselves when something goes wrong; they also make it more likely that something will go wrong soon. That’s because improper installations mean that joints aren’t sealed properly or missing parts are never replaced. In these situations, plumbing will leak slowly over time instead of failing all at once.

Clogged Toilet

Did you know that one of the most common mobile home plumbing problems is clogged up toilets? Did you also know that most homeowners don’t know how to clear a clogged up toilet? They may try pouring cleaning chemicals in it or even trying to plunge it. Neither are good ideas, and often these methods only make things worse by causing more damage. A better solution is to call in a plumber for assistance, as they have tricks of their trade for quickly clearing up a clogged up toilet. If your toilet seems like it’s taking longer than usual to flush, don’t try plunging it on your own. Call a professional! 

Low Water Pressure

When your water pressure is low, it can be hard for you to get a shower or even wash dishes. One of two things is likely happening: either there’s not enough water coming into your home or there’s an issue with what’s called head pressure. In a mobile home, head pressure issues are especially common. If you don’t have enough water coming into your home and you want to fix low water pressure without replacing pipes and fixtures, contact a local plumber immediately so they can figure out what’s wrong.