Experiencing problems with your Kitchen Plumbing?

Your kitchen plumbing can drastically differ from the other plumbing sections in your home. An example of this is certain back flow protection that is needed when you have waste disposal products like a Garbage Disposal.

Don't assume your Kitchen Plumbing is just like everything else. 

Contact one of our professional plumbing technicians to troubleshoot any of your Kitchen Plumbing issues, and provide you with the highest quality plumbing services available!

Types of Kitchen Plumbing Services

Our plumbing systems must be properly connected in order to have the most effectively and efficiently running system. When it comes to our kitchens, there are so many different types of kitchen plumbing that require services!

Check out the various Types of Kitchen Plumbing Services we provide for you:

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Alicia Gaynor
Alicia Gaynor
Mike and Keeland were absolutely amazing. Explained everything clearly to start and then kept me up to date on the progress. We always request Mike and love being a diamond club member.
Mark Lamprecht
Mark Lamprecht
Mark and Todd were very professional and courteous. They clearly explained the work they were about to do every step of the way. I had a water damage mystery and they found it and solved it in under 3 hours. Thanks guys!
Danny Wood
Danny Wood
We recently had to have our house repiped. Jordan, Mark, and Reid were professional and courteous. We were really impressed with the quality of work they did on installing all the new pex lines. We highly recommend them.
Lisa Chiang
Lisa Chiang
So grateful to have had Mike and his apprentice Mark show to fix to a minor emergency. To find a plumber who is skilled in assessing the situation, presents options and does the work properly is very reassuring. My regular plumber was out on surgery leave and with water leaking below, I could not wait until he recovered to resolve the issue. There was clear explanation of pricing, parts/materials and labor costs and the cheaper or more expensive options to resolve the variety of plumbing issues that came up upon inspection, besides the crisis du jour, as I prefer to preempt water issues rather than repair them. We all learned a lot by watching and asking questions of Mike while he worked, all of which were patiently answered. Tameka, the dispatcher for Allred's Plumbing is very organized and let me know the guys were on their way. I have had Mike rebuild several toilets (old and new) and repair necessary plumbing, and also put in the line for water and ice when we replaced a fridge that recently died. When you need a plumber, it's never cheap to have things fixed or installed properly, but you can also sign up for their Diamond plan which allows a slight discount and longer warranty, along with annual inspections. So grateful to have Allred's on speed dial.
Katherine McGregor
Katherine McGregor
This company is rare in that they showed great customer care, going the extra mile to insure I was happy with their work. Jordan, Mike, and Reid were all very professional and pleasant to work with. Jordan did a great job or fixing a leaky pipe and installing new piping. Reid did a good job of installing a new water heater. And the owner, Josh, kindly followed up to make sure I was satisfied, sending Mike out as a courtesy inspection. I highly recommend them. They clearly take seriously the 100% guarantee of their work, so it's worth a little extra expense. I decided to go with them because of great reviews and mostly because they have 0 complaints on BBB. I have no complaints either. I will definitely use them again.
Michelle Mains
Michelle Mains
Mike identified potential problems in the laundry room. Then David and Reid replaced my water heater and also fixed the laundry room rusting pipes before they turned into a big mess. The Allred technicians and front office have been a pleasure to work with.
Eugene Brown
Eugene Brown
As An Electrical Contractor sometimes we Have accidents and manage to hit plumbing pipes. Allred's Plumbing and Radiant Have always been there to fix any mishaps that may Occur. I highly recommend them For both Service Efficiency and Quality. Top notch service!
Jason Trump
Jason Trump
I called Allred's when my 2-year-old Navien gas tankless hot water heater started acting up: inconsistent heating, with a cryptic error code on the 7-segment front panel. They were able to get a plumber out to me very quickly. David was very thorough, and explained that I was a bit behind on a maintenance schedule required for these tankless heaters (periodic descaling, cleaning). He did a diagnostic panel and found and fixed the cause of the problems. He also pointed out and repaired a few installation issues related to the intake/exhaust. After a week of use, I can confirm that the problem is definitely resolved and the tank is performing noticeably better. I appreciate the time taken to show me the issues and explain the work required, present a range of options, and also the extra touches correcting the installation for posterity. Friendly, professional, and thorough. Thanks for your help! I will definitely call Allred's again when it's maintenance time.
Daniel Beauboeuf
Daniel Beauboeuf
Timely, professional, and excellent quality work.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Kitchen Appliance Replacement & Installation in King County, WA

On average a home has at least 2/3 appliances that utilize and are connected to your homes plumbing. The last thing we want to come home to from a long day at work is problems with our dishwasher, refrigerator or other kitchen appliances.

Protect your Kitchen Appliances and your home's water supply and call the kitchen plumbing professionals at Chipper Plumbing & Radiant today to replace or install and hook-up your new kitchen appliances!

Expert Kitchen Fixture Repair & Installation

Your Kitchen has various plumbing fixtures like valves, vents, faucets and much more! When an issues happens with one of your fixtures, this can lead to a spiraling series of unfortunate plumbing mishaps.

Don't let too much time go by before you call the expert plumbers at Chipper to repair, replace and install new kitchen fixtures !

Kitchen Pipe & Drain Cleaning

Don't treat your Kitchen Plumbing pipes like your ordinary home plumbing pipes. Its crucial that you maintain filtered water separation in your system.

Because of the number of varying connections in your kitchen, it is easier for a leak, break to happen causing contamination of your pipes!

Call the experts at Chipper Plumbing & Radiant today to have your Kitchen Pipes professionally cleaned

Kitchen Plumbing Upgrades

Not only do we service your kitchen plumbing with repair and replacement, we also provide secondary kitchen plumbing add-ons or upgrades!

Not only do we recommend various upgrades, our expert techs will help install and maintain your upgrades!

Check out some of our Top Kitchen Plumbing Upgrades:

Why Choose Chipper Plumbing & Radiant?

FAQ's on Kitchen Plumbing

  • Garbage Disposal Not Working or Malfunctioning
  • Clogged drains or pipes
  • Appliance Leaks from loose connections

Increase your kitchen plumbing and the value of your home with upgrades like: garbage disposals, vents and debris catchers, water filtration and more!

The drain and pipes in your kitchen sink gurgle because of potential backup clogging the flow of water, OR there is a crack in your pipes creating air pockets that cause gurgling.

Kitchen Plumbing Blogs

Looking for additional information on all things Kitchen Plumbing by Chipper Plumbing & Radiant? Check out some of our blogs below, or click the More Blogs on Kitchen Plumbing button to see all of our extra content!

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